Rolex Oyster Permanent Log 36 imitation watches

At the Basel show in 2019, Rolex launched the stainless steel version of the classic log-36 watch, the platinum bezel of the Rolex steel version. Due to the timeless rose gold replica watch 36 watches released last year, the price of this new job is more affordable. With its combination of men and women, the size of men and women, and the latest generation of Rolex sports, we are convinced that this large three-pin timer is definitely the most comprehensive and enjoyable series.
A job.
Compared to the other two gold-themed watches introduced by Rolex and Tudor this year, in the long run, this log type 36 watch with ref.126234 is clearly low-key, more elegant, and more “safe “. As the world’s first automatic timer with a calendar display, the 1945-year log type is an upgraded version of the 1926 Oyster Watch and combines the patents of the 1931-year Rolex Heng Nuclear. In addition to the Calendar window, The Imitation Watch is equipped with a special Golden Jubilee chain and groove bezel, which is a distinctive design element of the log watch.
The latest “Big ” update appears in 2 0 1 8 years. Fake watch Rolex has been very careful in designing improvements and dialing, but most table friends still find a slightly thinner case with ears and bezel. However, the biggest upgrade remains the movement it carries, equipped with Cal.3235, the latest generation of movements developed by Rolex, with precise, dynamic storage, impact resistance and magnetic resistance.
Significantly improved. The iconic groove bezel makes it easy to think of a logarithmic watch, but its rugged appearance is not beautiful. Initially, it is used to tighten the bezel on the box to ensure that no water seeps into the movement. The same groove pattern, in less obvious form, also appears on the back of the watch to improve waterproof capacity.
Today, the golden Groove bezel on the logarithmic watch has become a beacon, allowing you to identify it 100 meters away. 3 6 mm diameter It’s easy for both men and women to start, and it doesn’t look surprising at all. Although technically it is a gold fake watch, the combination of platinum and steel is the same as the other Luo blackmail steel combinations. It’s completely different. It is more stable, more low-key, and the distribution of glamour is more streamlined.


The bezel is the only place in this watch where 18k platinum is used.

The middle part of the case is made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant enamel steel with waterproof 100 m, while the Crown is fitted with a double lock double locking mechanism.
Dial The dial is black, modified by the sun pattern, protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, and 3 o’clock raised convex lenses at 3 o ‘ clock. Its time scale and hand are made of 18k gold to prevent rust and coated with fake watches. Rolex’s own chromaticity luminescent material provides a lasting blue glow in the dark.